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COVID-19 Update


Nursing homes among safest places for seniors following 98% drop in Covid cases”—McKnight’s Long Term Care News

“Currently, more fatalities are occurring in the general population of older adults over 85 years of age than in those living in nursing homes.”—McKnight’s Long Term Care News

“The data clearly tracks with the nationwide effort to prioritize nursing home residents for vaccinations. Case counts began to steeply decline as the Pfizer, and then the Moderna vaccines began to be distributed to nursing homes across the country on December 20, 2020. Nursing home case counts remain low, particularly when compared to infection rates among the general population, which have roared back in recent weeks,” -–McKnight’s Long Term Care News

“Today, new cases in American nursing homes are at their lowest point since May, when the federal government began tracking such data, the New York Times reports. Nursing homes are now among the safest places to be.”

“New COVID-19 cases at nursing homes have plummeted”—USA Today

“Only one thing has been introduced that could have caused this dramatic shift in the number of cases per day. It’s the vaccine.”—USA Today

“Vaccination brings more freedom”—USA Today

What our elders think

Are you looking for a nursing home in Little Rock Arkansas, that actually feels like home? The Green House Cottage movement found at Poplar Grove has transformed long-term care in Arkansas.

The Green House concept is the most comprehensive effort to reinvent the nursing home.” – The New York Times

The Green House Project reinvents Long-Term Eldercare.” – The Huffington Post

Green Houses are nothing less than a Revolution.” – The Wallstreet Journal

What is the Green House Cottage Movement?

Welcome to The Green House Cottages of Poplar Grove in Little Rock, Arkansas

Poplar Grove has set itself apart from other nursing homes in Little Rock, Arkansas. Poplar Grove features 10 Green House Cottages that each have 12 private rooms and bathrooms. Each cottage brings dignity and choice to the elder. One of the main things that sets Poplar Grove apart is our effort to eliminate the institutionalized feeling of traditional nursing homes with care and compassion for each elder. Poplar Grove Green House Cottages feel, look, sound, and smell – like home.

Poplar Grove Nursing Home North Little Rock Dinning Table

How we’re different

Poplar Grove stands out in so many ways when compared to traditional nursing homes in Little Rock, Arkansas. In fact, we’ve found 40 ways that make The Green House Cottages at Poplar Grove different from all of the other options.

40 Ways We’re Different

More Direct Care

At Poplar Grove, every elder receives the direct care and attention they need to thrive. We’re able to achieve this offering ratios up to 4:1 elders to staff members. Traditional nursing homes typically keep much higher ratios.

Privacy and Dignity

Poplar Grove respects the need for privacy, and it’s why every Green House Cottage features 12 private rooms, each with its own private bathroom.


We recognize the importance of performing our jobs with compassion. Our elders often come to us during difficult and challenging times in their lives and deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. At Poplar Grove, they become part of a family among families.


We’re committed to providing comfort – physically, emotionally, and spiritually – in a home-like setting for an enriched experience that improves the overall quality of life and promotes optimal healing.

Poplar Grove Green House Cottages

The Cottages at Poplar Grove create loving homes where Elders are supported by quality care, choice, and positive relationships. In our homes, the schedule of each Elder is decided by the Elder, not by the staff or work schedules. We are guests in their home. Our caregivers are dedicated to the people they serve, helping to create meaningful relationships with our Elders.

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“COVID-19 incidence and mortality rates are less in Green  [nursing homes] than rates in traditional [nursing homes] with <50 and ≥50 beds, especially among the higher and extreme values. Green House/small [nursing homes] are a promising model of care as NHs are reinvented post-COVID.”

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“The [Green House] model has been praised by academics and doctors and seems far better suited than traditional facilities to stave off the spread of infection and the isolation that has devastated the elderly in recent months.”

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“Well, one idea that’s got a lot of currency now has been around for nearly 20 years. It’s called the Green House Project. These are nursing homes with an emphasis on the home part of it. They’re small, with maybe eight to 12 residents. That cuts down on infection spread. Everyone has a private room, which also helps control infection. And during the pandemic, Green House homes have been one-fifth as likely to have cases of COVID-19 as traditional nursing homes.”

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“Smaller-scale, high-quality group models, such as the Green House Project, provide care in small, self-contained, family-style houses with a small number of residents. Such models could offer one community-based alternative to nursing homes.”

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“It’s time to really focus on private rooms in nursing homes,” said Karl Pillemer, a gerontologist and researcher at Cornell University. In the Green House model, for example, a dozen residents live in private rooms with homelike common spaces and assigned staff who know them well.