Welcome to The Green House Cottages® of Poplar Grove in Little Rock, Arkansas

If you are looking for the best in long-term and short-term care, you have come to the right place.


Our highly skilled healthcare professionals – coupled with sophisticated therapies and high-tech treatments – deliver world-class care that is patient-centered and dedicated to achieving the best possible outcomes.


We recognize the importance of performing our jobs with compassion. Our elders often come to us during difficult and challenging times in their lives and deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. In fact, they become part of the family.


Finally, we provide comfort – physically, emotionally and spiritually – in a home-like setting for an enriched experience that improves the overall quality of life and promotes optimal healing.

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The Cottages at Poplar Grove create loving homes where Elders are supported by quality care, choice, and positive relationships. In our homes, the schedule of each Elder is decided by the Elder, not a calendar on the wall. Our caregivers are dedicated to the homes, helping to create meaningful relationships with our Elders.

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What are Green House Cottages®?

Celebrating 10+ years of success, The Green House movement is transforming long-term care nationwide. It is the most radical, yet common-sense solution you’ll ever experience. At Poplar Grove, each cottage is home to a family of families, where rich relationships, a strong sense of community, and a commitment to healing and the very best quality of life are cultivated.

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Long-Term Care

Poplar Grove Interior Living Area

Individually trained restorative aides continue various therapies once the licensed therapist has completed care for the elders. Through restorative care, our staff assists elders in maintaining and improving his or her total welfare as well as reaching and maintaining his or her highest level of functioning independence.

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