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Educational Testing Sherman Oaks

Psychological Consultant in Los Angeles

Has it ever crossed your mind why a criminal committed an offense? A professional psychological consultant in Los Angeles can help in assessing the competency and mental state of the defendant as of the time the assault occurred. The results and opinions are often used by the judge or jury to decide the right punishment.

However, the Psychologist’s opinion has a significant impact on the civil or criminal law case. It is essential to ensure that accurate results are obtained. To make this possible, the right thing to do is to hire the services of an experienced and qualified psychological consultant to conduct a detailed psychological assessment of the defendant.

Jane Beresford, Psy.D. is a professional psychological consultant in Los Angeles that is usually called upon to offer expert testimony in legal cases and courtroom situations. Dr. Beresford’s ability and knowledge in determining the mental state of the defendant before or after a crime has helped law enforcement agencies to understand the nature, patterns, and intentions of the criminal.

Professional Psychological Consultant in Los Angeles

Let a professional psychological consultant like Dr. Jane Beresford handle all your psychological and forensic consulting related services. Dr. Jane Beresford has gone through series of advanced training in the areas of fair evaluation, psychological assessment and lots more. She now offers her experience to help in criminal and civil cases.

At the office of Dr. Beresford, we work with a team of reliable and competent Psychologist that is well experienced in conducting a comprehensive evaluation and assessment of the mental functioning of the defendant. We will provide a detailed and accurate report which can be used by the court of law to mitigate sentencing circumstance

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Unlike another psychological consultant in Los Angeles, Dr. Jane Beresford does not believe in using unstructured clinical opinion to evaluate or assess defendants. We utilize various information sources to carry out an in-depth psychological assessment. Our techniques include objective psychological testing, comprehensive record review, accurate collateral information, thorough clinical interview, and so forth.

Jane Beresford, Psy.D. and her team will employ tested and trusted techniques to study the human behavior of the offense. With this, we can help in matters like community reintegration, granting privileges, sentencing, execution, and so forth.

Furthermore, our team of certified and licensed Psychologist will assess the defendant’s mental state for an insanity plea. We can also ascertain whether the defendant is stable enough to stand trial or not. We can determine possible risk, predict potential violence, evaluate possible malingering, and mitigate sentencing circumstance.

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Are you stuck in a civil or law case and you need a forensic psychologist to help look into it? Contact us today at the office of Dr. Jane Beresford. We are the experienced and qualified psychological consultant in Los Angeles always ready to come to your aid. Our experts will be happy to speak with you. All your inquiries and concerns will be appropriately answered.

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Educational Testing Sherman Oaks