How We’re Different

There are Over Forty Ways The Green House Cottages at Poplar Grove are Different from Traditional Nursing Homes in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Poplar Grove Nursing Home Little Rock - Respect and Dignity

Respect & Dignity

  • In the Green House model, our residents are called Elders.
  • We emphasize quality of life, including privacy, dignity, autonomy, and emotional well-being.
  • Family satisfaction – Green House families are more satisfied with the care of their loved ones than in traditional facilities.
  • Elders in Green House Cottages experience lower depression rates.
  • Elders in Green House Cottages also experience lower levels of helplessness versus traditional homes.

The Green House model supports Community involvement and offers a structured community-mentoring program.

Poplar Grove Nursing Home Little Rock - Choice of Activities


  • Green House Cottages promote a deep understanding of each elder, their likes and dislikes, their wants and desires.
  • Elders in our Green House Cottages have unfettered access to the outdoors.
  • In our Green House Cottages, the Elders have freedom of choice, including: when to wake up and when (and what) to eat.
  • Our nutritional services are second to none!
  • Made to order meals, prepared fresh in the home.
  • Family-style dining – no Cafeteria trays.
  • Elders select the menu.
  • Largely eat what you want, when you want.
  • Elders and family can participate in kitchen activities, including cooking.
Poplar Grove Nursing Home Little Rock - Feels Like Home

Feels like Home

  • Our cottages feel just like home, not an institution!
  • No medical sign posts, no alarms, no buzzers, no med cart, no loudspeakers, no restraints.
  • Green House homes represent the “pinnacle of culture change“ and are the most progressive long term care living environment in existence today.
  • Technology is integrated into each Green House cottage to leverage the “world of the Internet” at the fingertips of elders, fostering engagement, and mental acuity.
  • Holidays and special events are a “down-home” celebration. Christmas is Christmas. Your birthday is your birthday.
  • Families come more often and stay longer. They are integrated into the elder’s life.
  • Kids are always welcome – if not encouraged.
  • Rather than an “artificial” activity schedule, the Green House model of care promotes a rhythmic, comfortable, natural flow reminiscent of living in all the special moments of home.
  • The Green House Cottages at Poplar Grove not only encourage family participation, but they also provide a great environment to visit and even eat meals with Elders.
  • Our Green House Cottages offer a spa/beauty salon for each cottage.
  • All living quarters provide access to kitchen, laundry, and common areas.

More Direct Care

  • A 4:1 direct care staff ratio, substantially more than the State/Federal average.
  • Meaningful engagement – we have four times the number of meaningful, one to one engagement between elders and direct care workers than traditional nursing homes.
  • We offer 75% more direct care staff than the average nursing home in Arkansas.
Poplar Grove Nursing Home Little Rock - Trained Staff

Experienced and Trained Staff

  • Each of our staff members will have at least 120 hours of extra training for elder care in the green house model.
  • Rich relationships with caregivers, other elders, and their families are formed and become the foundational part of a quality life.
  • Job satisfaction – Green House staff members are more satisfied with their jobs and more likely to stay longer at those jobs.
  • Green House Cottages have decreased staff turnover rates.
  • The Green House Cottages promote empowered staff by providing continuous education and ongoing training development.
Poplar Grove Nursing Home Little Rock - Choice of Activities

Superior Outcomes for Therapy and Rehabilitation

  • The Green House Cottages at Poplar Grove will offer sub-specialized cottages such as orthopedics, cardiopulmonary, and sepsis.
  • What better way to rehab from hospital to home than in a home with functional rehabilitation.
  • We have the ability to imitate, not simulate, your everyday activities.
  • Our therapy ratio is 1:1.
  • The Green House Cottages model of care has shown readmission rates of less than 1%, while traditional institutional settings can be 18% and higher.
  • The average length of stay for short-term rehab in a Green House Cottage is around 19 days; traditional is 28.
  • Green House Cottages have lower infection rates.
  • The Green House Cottage model offers better elder outcomes compared to traditional nursing homes.
  • The Green House Cottages of Poplar Grove offers customized rehab programs with a holistic approach to care.