Lakewood Rehabs

Lakewood Rehabs

As one of the preeminent nationally recognized addiction treatment facility, RedRock Recovery Center offers the best inpatient, IOP, and outpatient rehab programs. We are one of the best Lakewood rehabs, where we not only address the root cause of addiction with evidence-based psychotherapies but also equip patients with important life skills and exercises to help them combat triggers and cravings.

What makes us the best rehab facility in Lakewood?

We are one of the best Lakewood rehabs with a JCAHO Accreditation Gold Seal of Approval. We offer comprehensive 1-on-1 therapies to our patients and specialize in addressing the underlying issues that trigger substance abuse. With a combination of medical detox, family therapies, 1-on-1 counseling, psychotherapies, and 12-step programs, we help patients embrace sobriety in a safe and pain-free manner.

Our team of dedicated and accredited staff interact and work closely with our patients, and play an integral role in their recovery journey. With a top-notch leadership team, we offer addiction treatments and programs based on scientific studies and medical evidence. Besides, we ensure the highest level of comfort to our patients with high-end amenities and accommodation. We are also one of the few rehabs in Lakewood to offer individualized care and attention to each of our patients.

Top reasons to choose a facility with ongoing care programs

It is critical to join a rehab facility with excellent ongoing care programs because individuals are at a high risk of relapse in the first six months after treatment. By joining a facility with unique ongoing care programs, you can reduce your chances of relapse significantly.

Also, by meeting with your therapist frequently after treatment, you can discuss the challenges you face in recovery with them and seek guidance. Besides, ongoing care programs can solidify your commitment to sobriety and ensure that you lead a healthy, drug-free, and fulfilling life.

Qualities to look for in a rehab center

By knowing what to look for in a rehab facility, you can land on the right type of treatment center for your addiction condition. Here are some of the important characteristics that make a top-rated treatment center:

  • The correct specialties - Every rehab facility specializes in the treatment of a particular type of addictions. It is important to choose a facility that specializes in treating your specific type of addiction or mental disorder to be successful in recovery.
  • High success rate - Choose a facility that enjoys the highest success rates when it comes to the number of patients that complete the program successfully and the percentage of individuals that maintain sobriety for six months or more.
  • A Focus on underlying issues - Addiction issues often stems out from an underlying medical or mental health issues. Without addressing the underlying issues, recovering addicts can end up relapsing within six months after treatment. Choose a facility that identifies and treats the root cause of addiction or a facility that places a major focus on treating dual-diagnosis conditions.

Call us today to verify your insurance or visit RedRock Recovery Center is one of the affordable Lakewood rehabs with the best team of staff, highly effective treatments and therapies, and excellent amenities.

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