Little Rock Rehab Facilities

Little Rock Rehab Facilities

Poplar Grove is one of the top-rated Little Rock rehab facilities with comprehensive elderly care services at affordable prices. We work extensively to improve the quality of life and the emotional wellbeing of our residents and ensure a loving, safe, and serene ambiance.

Our rehab facilities

Ranked among the best rehab centers in Little Rock, we have the lowest depression relapse rates. We focus on our seniors' quality of life, privacy, and emotional wellbeing, allowing us to provide them with a haven where they can feel safe and loved. We are one of the few rehab facilities in Little Rock, AR, to offer seniors unfettered access to the outdoors.

Our seniors enjoy full autonomy and lead an independent life where they choose their wake-up times, meal times, etc. We nourish our residents' minds, bodies, and spirits with freshly prepared home-style meals. By serving made-to-order meals in a family-style-dining setup, we make them feel at home. We are one of the most progressive Little Rock, AR, rehab centers with upscale amenities and budget-friendly prices.

Types of rehab services that we offer

Rehab services and therapies help seniors lead their retirement life with autonomy, confidence, and greater fulfillment. Ranking among the top rehab centers in Little Rock, we offer services like:

  • Physical therapy - Physical therapy strengthens their weak muscles and improves mobility. It also increases endurance and enables residents to lead an independent and improved quality of life.
  • Occupational therapy - Our occupational therapists teach elders exercises and rehabilitation techniques, which go a long way in helping them complete daily tasks without any difficulties. Occupational therapy improves fine and basic motor skills in seniors and enables them to engage in activities, such as getting dressed, eating, bathing, etc. It also promotes overall strength, dexterity, and range of motion.
  • Speech pathology - Our speech therapy session teaches seniors how to speak and communicate efficiently and involves vocal and articulation exercises to help them overcome chewing and swallowing problems.

We also offer neuromuscular therapy, stroke recovery therapy, gait and strength training, community re-entry training for seniors. We create a customized rehab treatment plan for seniors with specific diagnoses to help them attain excellent clinical results.

Top reasons to join our rehab for seniors

Unlike other skilled nursing facilities, we offer the best rehabilitation services in Little Rock in an environment that feels like home. We help seniors transition from home to rehab seamlessly by providing them with spacious climate-controlled private rooms, gourmet meals, 24/7 on-site personal care, daily laundry and housekeeping services, and full access to therapy services.

Get in touch with one of us at 501-404-0500 for more details on our rehabilitation and long-term care facilities. Poplar Grove is one of the top Little Rock rehab facilities with upscale amenities, a compassionate and friendly staff team, excellent lodging and meal options, and numerous recreational and wellness programs. Live your retirement life to the fullest in the best senior living community in Arkansas.

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