North Little Rock Rehab

North Little Rock Rehab

Poplar Grove is a leading North Little Rock rehab with long-term and short-term care options, therapy for elders, skilled nursing services, and many recreational activities for seniors. Here are the top qualities making us the best rehab in Arkansas:

1. Respect and dignity for seniors

We take care of our seniors with the utmost respect, making sure they lead a dignified life at our rehab center. Our spacious, climate-controlled private rooms offer them plenty of privacy to help them feel comfortable and safe. Unlike traditional rehab centers in Little Rock, our seniors feel more loved, at peace, and less helpless.

2. Freedom and opulent amenities

At our top-rated rehab facilities in Little Rock, AR, our seniors have unrestrained access to the outdoors and enjoy autonomy in choosing their wake-up times, mealtimes, etc. Our team of RNs, physicians, and staff members possess a deep understanding of each of our patients' needs, desires, and preferences, which allows us to provide them with personalized care. We put a lot of thought when planning our residents' meals and offer nourishing, well-balanced, and freshly prepared home-style food. Our seniors enjoy made-to-order meals at any time of the day or night in family-style-dining.

3. Home-like feel in a resort-like facility

We understand the pain seniors experience when they leave their homes and move into one of the Little Rock, AR, rehab centers. Our cottages offer a cozy home-like look and feel to help seniors feel comfortable, safe, loved, and valued. Our rehab center does not have any medical signposts, alarms, buzzers, or restraints. We are a progressive long term care living facility with technology-integrated cottages. Besides, we like to entertain our residents with holidays, special events, and birthdays. We also organize and conduct recreational events, fun field trips and encourage families to visit and stay with our residents more often.

4. 1-on-1 engagement

As the best rehabilitation services in Little Rock, we have a 4:1 direct care staff ratio, which allows our nurses to offer personalized care and medical support to each senior. Unlike traditional nursing homes, our staff members have 75% more direct and meaningful 1-on-1 engagement with elders.

5. Excellent rehab and therapy outcomes

Our greenhouse cottages offer a safe and secure environment for patients recovering from orthopedic, cardiopulmonary, and sepsis conditions. Our homes provide functional rehabilitation and support seniors in their everyday activities. We offer 1-on-1 physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, etc., to seniors to help them lead a healthy, active, and independent life. For residents requiring short-term rehab, we help them attain a safe and speedy recovery within 2-3 weeks. Our facility has the lowest infection rates and the best long-term results compared to other nursing homes in Little rock.

To learn more about life at Poplar Grove, call 501-404-0500. As the #1 North Little Rock rehab, we offer the finest amenities, gourmet meals, high-end accommodation, and 24/7 medical support to all our residents and make them lead a healthy, happy, and fulfilling retirement life.

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