Rehab Little Rock Ar

Rehab Little Rock Ar

Unlike other nursing homes, at Poplar Grove, we emphasize the quality of life, emotional well-being, privacy, and helping elders lead a dignified life through full autonomy. As the best rehab in Little Rock, AR, we offer unparalleled physical, occupational, and speech therapy to elders to help them lead an independent and gratifying life.

What type of rehab services do you offer elders?

Ranked among the top rehab centers in Little Rock, we offer physical therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, neuromuscular therapy, strength training, and stroke recovery therapy. Our goal with rehab services is to help seniors attain a speedy, safe, and comprehensive recovery from their medical condition, ailment, surgery, or injury.

What kind of speech pathology services do you offer?

As some of the leading rehab facilities in Little Rock, AR, we use speech therapy to help seniors learn how to speak and communicate effectively with people around them. Our speech pathology sessions include vocal exercises that help seniors overcome chewing and swallowing problems and reduce their choking risk.

Patients recovering after a brain injury, stroke, seizure, cancer, injury, and other progressive diseases lead to an improved quality of life with regular speech therapy sessions. Our therapists also assist with speech articulation, fluency, cognitive-communication impairment, attention and memory deficits, abstract reasoning, and problem-solving deficits.

Do you offer post-hospital stay/rehab?

Listed among the best Little Rock AR rehab centers, we offer the best post-hospital care and rehab therapy to patients recovering from orthopedic procedures, stroke, heart attack, amputation, injuries, acute illnesses, and other diagnoses. Our therapy services include physical therapy, gait and strength training, stroke recovery therapy, occupational and speech therapy, neuromuscular therapies, etc.

What services does short-term care include?

Our short-term care residents have access to 24/7 onsite nursing and personal care, daily housekeeping, personal care, and full access to therapy and rehab services. Besides, our spacious, climate-controlled private rooms and made to order meals offers seniors an ideal environment that is apt for healing and recovery.

What kinds of recreational and leisure activities do you organize for residents?

As the best rehabilitation services in Little Rock, we entertain our residents with bingo, manicures, on-site library, music programs, holiday and birthday celebrations, field trips, and worship services. Our residents engage themselves by playing card games like Bridge, Hearts, and Rummy and participating in domino tournaments.

What type of skilled nursing services do you offer for seniors?

Our residents enjoy 24/7 access to personal care and medical support. Our skilled nursing services include medication management, in-house therapy, meal planning and nutrition, social and spiritual support, wound care, medical transportation, and so much more. Our multi-disciplinary medical team will provide regular eye care, dental services, podiatry services, and general health check-ups.

Call Poplar Grove at 501-404-0500 for the best rehabilitation services. As a leading rehab in Little Rock, AR, we offer physical therapy to patients suffering from health ailments, pain conditions, and disabilities to improve their quality of life fast.

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