Rehab Treatment Oxnard

Top 5 Places for Rehab Treatment Oxnard

Channel Islands Rehab, located in Oxnard, California, is a comprehensive addiction rehabilitation center that prioritizes delivering tailored care to each of its clients. Our alcoholic rehab center near me Oxnard facility provides a variety of treatments, including cognitive-behavioral therapy, holistic treatment, and family counseling, to help its clients overcome their addictions and live happier, healthier lives. Detox services are also provided in a secure and comfortable environment at this facility.

Channel Islands Rehab is our top pick for rehab treatment Oxnard and we'll be examining the other four here as well. We will describe each center, including the services they provide and what sets them apart.

--Channel Islands Rehab

Channel Islands Rehab is our top choice for rehab treatment in Oxnard. This facility offers a serene and supportive environment for clients to focus on their recovery. With a team of experienced professionals, Channel Islands Rehab provides a tailored approach to addiction treatment, addressing each client's unique needs. Services include medical detox, inpatient and outpatient treatment, and a variety of evidence-based therapies. The facility also emphasizes the importance of family involvement, offering family therapy sessions to help rebuild relationships and support networks.

--Oxnard Recovery Center

Another great facility offering rehabilitation services in Oxnard is Oxnard Recovery Center. There are inpatient and outpatient options available at this facility for those struggling with substance abuse. Evidence-based treatments are emphasized at Oxnard Recovery Center, and therapies including CBT, DBT, and MI are used to help clients beat addiction and establish new, healthier habits for the long-term. Additional services include adult outpatient addiction treatment Oxnard.

--New Beginnings Rehabilitation Center

New Beginnings Rehabilitation Center offers a holistic approach to addiction treatment in Oxnard. Their program includes a combination of traditional therapies and alternative treatments, such as acupuncture, yoga, and art therapy. New Beginnings Rehabilitation Center strives to address not only the physical aspects of addiction but also the emotional, mental, and spiritual components, ensuring a comprehensive recovery experience.

--Turning Point Addiction Center

Turning Point Addiction Center is an adult outpatient addiction treatment facility in Oxnard that provides comprehensive care for individuals struggling with substance abuse. Their team of professionals works closely with clients to develop a personalized treatment plan, incorporating evidence-based therapies and support services to promote long-term recovery. Turning Point Addiction Center also offers a strong aftercare program, providing clients with the tools and resources necessary to maintain their sobriety.

--Coastal Recovery Institute

Coastal Recovery Institute is an alcoholic rehab center near Oxnard that offers a wide range of services to support individuals in their recovery journey. With both inpatient and outpatient programs available, Coastal Recovery Institute utilizes a combination of traditional therapies, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy and group counseling, along with alternative treatments like equine therapy and meditation.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, there are several exceptional rehab treatment facilities in Oxnard to choose from, each offering unique approaches to addiction recovery. Channel Islands Rehab stands out as our top recommendation, providing comprehensive and individualized care to help clients achieve lasting sobriety.


  • Channel Islands Rehab is our top choice for rehab treatment Oxnard
  • Other notable facilities include Oxnard Recovery Center, New Beginnings Rehabilitation Center, Turning Point Addiction Center, and Coastal Recovery Institute
  • Each facility offers a range of therapies and services tailored to the needs of their clients

If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, we encourage you to call Channel Islands Rehab at (800) 675-7963 to speak with one of our recovery specialists.

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