Poplar Grove
Skilled Nursing Facility

Know Your Loved One is Taken Care of

Because we believe in the importance of giving our elders as much choice as possible, they choose their daily activities. We offer a variety of different activities and socializing opportunities to create a warm atmosphere where elders can enjoy each other’s company and engage.

Activities and Community

Poplar Grove Recreation and Leisure

  • Cards – Bridge, Hearts, and Rummy are just some of the popular card games that get our residents engaged. Card games are great because it’s a mixture of skill and strategy mixed with friendly socialization.
  • Domino Tournaments – Some elders love the excitement of competition and like to organize tournaments for Dominos and other games.
  • Bingo – It’s a timeless classic that our elder loves playing.
  • Manicures – Everybody loves a good manicure. It makes them feel beautiful, clean and provides an excellent setting for socializing.
  • Library – An onsite library in each cottage is available for elders that enjoy reading, including a large selection of audiobooks for elders who enjoy listening or are unable to read comfortably.
  • And many others

Music Programs

Poplar Grove elders get great joy from watching public groups that visit and perform live. Some elders have musical talent of their own they enjoy performing for family, friends, and other elders.

Holidays and Birthdays 

Celebrating holidays throughout the year brings a sense of time and familiarity to Poplar Grove. Each holiday comes to life with beautiful decorations that create a festive atmosphere for our elders. Young children have stopped by to trick or treat around Halloween, and carolers come to sing around Christmas time. There are plenty of birthday celebrations to be experienced throughout the Green Cottages between holiday events.

Field Trips

Poplar Grove organizes field trips to encourage elders to get out, get active, and enjoy new places if they’re able. We organize transportation and look to have a great time each and every outing. Field trips are seasonal and weather dependent. Some favorites include going out to a favorite restaurant, shopping, and exploring local parks or museums.

Worship Services

Church and worship services can be made available for all religions and denominations.  Many of the cottages have hosted their own services.  Poplar Grove wishes to foster great community relationships and help all elders continue to grow in their spirituality.